Sometimes, a “failed” experiment gives you the best insights

If you have been following my blog, you might remember that I challenged myself to a month without eating out in January. Well, it’s time to come clean… I failed at this challenge.

So, what happened?

I set out on a challenge to eat all home-cooked meals prepared at home for the month of January in an effort to be more creative in my meal prep and food choices. And for two weeks, I did just that. I didn’t buy any food besides groceries. But, I discovered that sometimes, it’s more important to take care of you than to meet some arbitrary goal.

I love cooking and creating nutritious and delicious meals. But, I also love going out to favourite restaurants where the waitresses or cooks know us. When Alex and I go to our favourite Greek restaurant most Fridays, the waitresses greet us with a smile and ask us how our week was. We get a chance to unwind, to de-stress, to talk, and to dream. Even though it’s not by any means an extravagant expense, it feels like a treat to take this time together and enjoy the experience at the end of the week. It’s our time and it’s important—more important than an arbitrary goal.

While I may have technically failed the challenge, it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like I have learned a valuable lesson in self care and that, often, the smallest treats really make the biggest impact on our happiness. To me, that seems like a win in the journey towards simple living.

When have you learned a valuable lesson from a “failed” endeavor?

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