January Challenge: Minimalizing eating out

During this time of the year, many people are feeling inspired and ready to take on new challenges and, of course, resolutions. While I’m not a big resolution person, I do enjoy taking on goals and challenges. In the spirit of living simply with what I need, I am forgoing eating out at restaurants or fast-food chains for the month of January.

Why did I choose to avoid eating out?

The choice to eat only home-cooked meals for a month may not strike you as a minimalistic goal. After all, I’m not going to be getting rid of anything. But I see minimalism as a lifestyle shift towards living simply and within my means, rather than solely the pursuit of less physical possessions. Cooking for ourselves helps cut-down on unnecessary spending, enables us to learn new techniques and recipes, and forces us to be creative in our meal choices.

Where did the idea come from?

In November, I began a 90-day clothes buying freeze as a way to see what I really wore and whether there were any true gaps in my wardrobe. So far, it has been over 60 days and I have only identified one clothing item that I could use and that I will purchase when the freeze is up. Without the option of buying more clothing, I have been forced to become creative with my outfits, which has been easier since minimalizing my closet. As a result, I have come up with some great “new” outfits that are quickly becoming go-to choices. My view of clothing and advertising has also drastically changed, which I will write about once the 90 days is over.

One day in December after I had purchased lunch since I didn’t have anything suitable to bring from home, it occurred to me that I could probably be more creative and prepared in my meal choices as well and that a period of avoiding eating out would probably help give me the push I needed.

What do I expect from this endeavour?

Full disclaimer: I already eat in/cook my own meals at home most of the time. Alex and I go out for dinner once every week or two and I probably only buy lunch about that often as well, so I’m not expecting this to be a huge change for me. However, I am looking forward to putting more effort into planning for lunches and dinners through the week now that last minute take-out or dinner out is not an option.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this and I encourage you to consider giving it a try too! Let’s see how creative we can be!

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