Giving Internet-free Days a Try

I am trying out another experiment on myself. Similar in nature to my 90-day clothes-buying freeze, I will be going internet-free several days per week for the next little while to make myself aware of how much time I spend using the internet.

How did I get here?

You might be asking, “What is making me do this?” or “Why bother going without the internet at all?”. Until recently, I would probably be asking that too. But then, I listened to a podcast about a woman named Esther Emery who went an entire year without using the internet and she had some pretty amazing insights. For her, being without the internet led her to enjoying some new hobbies, and gave her the time for those difficult thoughts we all need to have. She had time to think about those important but not urgent things—like long-term goals, where she wanted to go in her career, what things really mattered to her, and most importantly, how she was going to get there.

While I’m not really interested in going an entire year without the internet, I do find myself without a lot of time for those big picture life thoughts. So, I thought I would do a small-scale version of Esther’s experience and start going internet-free on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Like any limitation, these internet-free days have rules and exceptions. I will continue to use the internet in a work capacity since I work at a digital agency. I will also be using the internet indirectly for things like banking and accessing e-Books. I have left checking the weather and using my bank’s website out of the banned activities. But, I will not be using any social media, reading any blogs, or looking up any information or products online.

So far…

I have had two internet-free days so far and I will admit, that it can be pretty tough. It’s amazing how much of a habit I have developed of immediately turning to Google for answers to my questions, and how often I visit a favourite blog’s website just in case they have posted something new, instead of doing the task I intended to do.  

As I continue this experiment, I will report back on my findings. If you would like to join me in this experiment, please comment below!

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