5 Tips for Decluttering Your Brain – Tip #4

Did you give meditation a try yet? If not, maybe you should try it first thing in the morning.

Tip Number 4: Start with the hardest thing

Get the hardest task out of the way (or at least do 2 minutes of it) right when you start your work day. This sets a great tone for the rest of the day and makes you feel like you can handle the other tasks on your list because they are easier than what you have already conquered.  

For me, this is why I chose to work out in the mornings. Getting up early is difficult, but it means that I get to start my day with a win (and some exercise-induced endorphins, which certainly don’t hurt my mood!). It also means that when I have a stressful day or end up staying late at work, my exercise routine is not thrown off and I don’t have to miss a workout.  

I also like to use this method for chores or other things I have to do. On Saturdays, I usually get up early and tackle to cleaning first thing because for one thing, it really doesn’t take that long if you just get down to it, and for another, I can make a cup of tea and relax in a clean and tidy home after I am done. This is much more relaxing for me than having that first cup of tea while everything is still messy and I have the rest of the day free.  

Do you like to tackle things first thing in the morning or do you like to wake up slow? Let us know in the comments! Tune in tomorrow for the final tip for decluttering your brain.

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