5 Tips for Decluttering Your Brain – Tip #3

Did you take time to pause yesterday? Today’s tip for decluttering your brain also involves a pause, although this one is a bit longer.

Tip Number 3: Train your brain

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to teach yourself to avoid becoming entangled in unproductive thoughts when you need to be doing something productive. Over time, meditation can help you reduce how much you ruminate or worry over particular things by teaching you to acknowledge a thought and let it go.

I started meditation almost a year ago, and it is now one of my favourite parts of the day. Many people choose to meditate first thing in the morning to start their day off on a good note. It’s also easiest for most people to maintain consistency when they do a new activity early in the day and at the same time every day. Since mornings are my workout time, I usually meditate at lunchtime. I find that it is really helpful to break up the often stressful work day with a nice meditation.  

Meditation does not have to be difficult or complicated. It can be as simple as closing your eyes, sitting down, and doing some deep breathing while paying attention to your senses (sounds, smells, how the body feels, etc). When thoughts come up, acknowledge the thought and return your focus to your senses or your breath. If you are new to meditation, you can set a timer for just five minutes to try it out. If you prefer something a little more guided, Headspace is a great app with lots of different meditation packs for everything from stress to sleep to sports. You can even try their intro package “Take 10” for free. Another app, Calm, is also a great choice.

If you have never meditated, I encourage you to give it a try! Tune it tomorrow for Tip #4!

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