5 Tips for Decluttering Your Brain – Tip #2

I hope you had a chance to try out yesterday’s tip of doing just two minutes of a task you have been putting off. Try Tip #2 today!

Tip Number 2: Add white space into your day

This concept is quite simple, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it is easy to do. Inserting white space into your day means creating space for you to pause for a moment or two. This could mean pausing to look out a window at work and admire the sky. This could mean pausing to drink a full glass of water. This could mean doing a simple stretch (reaching your arms up, stretching your neck, or touching your toes). This could even be as simple as taking three deep breaths.

At first, it will seem difficult to add this time into your already busy day. Isn’t doing another thing going to make me more frazzled and stressed? I would encourage you to try out one of these activities any time you find yourself waiting for something and reaching for your phone. Instead of checking out social media or playing a game, why not give yourself a little space to pause? Some people also find it helpful to write themselves sticky notes with words like “breathe” or “pause” on them. Others like to link these pauses to something they already do throughout the day, like filling a water glass or getting up to go to the washroom. Whatever works!  

When you place these breaks into your day, your mind doesn’t seem as overwhelmed. Since it is given “permission” to relax and think about nothing at all, when you do need it to concentrate, it is much more willing to do so. 

Thanks for checking out Tip #2, come back tomorrow for Tip #3!

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